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Best Diatonic Made

- 2017-03-15

Have 3 Promaster 350s and 12 Promaster 350 valved.I've found the Promasters to be the very best. Tight, durable, great sound and comfortable to play. Got best price at Musicians Web Store.

great yet not perfect

- 2016-04-14

I have five of these harps - they are solid, play well, and all the good things said in other reviews are true. However, my work-horse A harp suddenly went up a few tones in pitch on the 5th draw reed after a few months of moderate use. Upon inspection, I saw it had a crack, so could not be re-tuned. Drats!

Suzukis best all-round choice

- 2011-11-20

While the Manji is coming on strong, the ProMaster is still one of the easiest Suzukis to live with. The full width covers are very comfortable, and what the Manji needs. This will easily become a go-to harp in your collection. Breaks in quickly, holds up hard and soft.

Not to bad

- 2010-01-06

I've had this harp for about 4 weeks now. I bought one in the Key of A.

So far I can state that it has an excellent tone and is a joy to play. I really enjoy that the coverplates run straight to the ends. No more poking my lip on the exposed screws like on many of the 'box car' type harps. That characteristic is also why I enjoy my Golden Melody so much.

The one thing I'm having trouble with and this could be more to do with the lower key than the harp itself is the bending of hole 3. I have similar trouble on my G - Special 20. It tends to hesitate a bit on the fast runs through 1-3 but after that you're golden.

For the most part a very solid harp and at a reasonably affordable price.

pr 350

- 2009-11-21

I usuaslly play SP20's but heard about the phospour bronze reeds on these harps. The Low F played beautifully out of the box but blow holes 2 and 3 on the A harp were not responsive and had to gap them. Should not have to do this on quite an expensive harp


- 2009-11-14

Well worth the wait....love em....Thanks

Money does buy happiness

- 2009-11-06

When you drop your hard earned cash down on an on a harmonica you expect it to perform properly with out tinkering with it. The Suzuki Promaster does just that. With out a doubt, one of my favorite harps along with the Seydel 1847. Money well spent if you cant put down the harp's because their to much fun to play.

MR 350

- 2009-08-31

Everything was perfect!

Played 'Em All

- 2008-11-12

I've been playing the harmonica for 25 years and have tried almost every brand. I've found that no one brand makes a harp that are responsive in all keys. So I usually kept a variety of brands across all keys. An expensive learning curve. The Suzuki Promaster solves this. Every key wails. They remind me of the Meisterclass harps before they switched to the MS system. Rich tones and they seem to be lasting longer than any other I've tried. I use a variety of techniques and really bend the reeds hard for gritty and sweet sounds. I mean I really choke 'em. I have Promasters that are over a year old. Consider that when I keep a full playing schedule in the past I was getting flat notes in certain keys with other brands after a couple months or they seemed dead with issues around wooden combs. Cost really added up. The 350's are holding up well. Loud, crisp and responsive. Not much air leakage. I'm actually saving money because they last longer. I believe they can make even a marginal player sound better. I'm just a player and have nothing to gain by sharing this. I love playing and hearing the harmonica and want to see the advancement of a simple and wonderful instrument. I would have given 10 stars but I haven't tried the Fabulous which I'm guessing is going to be like an orgy for harp lovers.

Shopped 'Em All

- 2008-11-12

I've scoured the web and Musicians Web is currently offering the best price for the Promaster and I received them super fast.

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