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Product #: WSR1013
Harmonica Holder - WSR1013 Discounts Apply !
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Harmonica Holder - WSR1013
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Hohner harmonica holder, fits shape of neck and adjusts to any position.

Made of nickel plated brass.
For harmonicas up to 7½".

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Hohner M1501 Bluesband HarmonicaHohner M1501 Bluesband Harmonica - Cdn$8.99
Key of C
Hohner Weekender 16 HarmonicaHohner Weekender 16 Harmonica - Cdn$14.99

Tremolo harmonica for beginners with smooth sound and solid plastic body.

Hohner Harmonica HolderHohner Harmonica Holder - Cdn$26.50

Alfred's Teach Yourself to Play HarmonicaAlfred's Teach Yourself to Play Harmonica - Cdn$26.99
Everything You Need to Know to Start Playing Now!

Format: Book & Enhanced CD
Seydel Harmonica Softcase for 14 HarpsSeydel Harmonica Softcase for 14 Harps - Cdn$28.00

Lee Oskar Harmonic Minor Harmonica Reed PlatesLee Oskar Harmonic Minor Harmonica Reed Plates - Cdn$28.99

Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica Reed PlatesLee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica Reed Plates - Cdn$28.99

Hohner Harmonica BeltHohner Harmonica Belt - Cdn$32.99

Hohner 590 "Big River Harp" HarmonicaHohner 590 "Big River Harp" Harmonica - Cdn$37.99
Seydel Blues SESSION Standard HarmonicaSeydel Blues SESSION Standard Harmonica - Cdn$49.00
Standard Richter Tuning
Hohner 562 Pro Harp HarmonicaHohner 562 Pro Harp Harmonica - Cdn$49.99
Key of Eb and F only
Hohner 1896 Marine Band HarmonicaHohner 1896 Marine Band Harmonica - Cdn$55.99

 The original blues harmonica with the legendary sound.

Hohner 542 Golden Melody HarmonicaHohner 542 Golden Melody Harmonica - Cdn$56.95

Sale Price! The Golden Melody is the only Hohner Richter harp featuring equal tempered tuning making it especially suitable for jazz and melody playing.

Hohner 560 Special 20 HarmonicaHohner 560 Special 20 Harmonica - Cdn$56.99

Hohner 560 Special 20 Harmonica

Hohner 532 Blues Harp HarmonicaHohner 532 Blues Harp Harmonica - Cdn$57.99

Wood body construction gives the raw blues sound that so many professionals demand.

Lee Oskar Harmonica "Major Diatonic" - Orange LabelLee Oskar Harmonica "Major Diatonic" - Orange Label - Cdn$59.99

The traditional, standard tuning. Ideal for BLUES, FOLK, ROCK, COUNTRY and POP.

Lee Oskar Harmonica "The Harmonic Minor" - Yellow LabelLee Oskar Harmonica "The Harmonic Minor" - Yellow Label - Cdn$59.99

Lee Oskar Harmonica "The Melody Maker" - Blue LabelLee Oskar Harmonica "The Melody Maker" - Blue Label - Cdn$59.99

Lee's Favourite! Best Harp for Melody playing.

Lee Oskar Harmonica "The Natural Minor" - Green LabelLee Oskar Harmonica "The Natural Minor" - Green Label - Cdn$59.99

Seydel Blues SOLIST PRO HarmonicaSeydel Blues SOLIST PRO Harmonica - Cdn$63.00
Standartd Richter Tuning
Hohner 1494 Echo 28 Octave Tuned HarmonicaHohner 1494 Echo 28 Octave Tuned Harmonica - Cdn$68.99
Their warm and smooth sound gives these instruments an unique character and charm.
Key of C only
Hohner 565 Cross Harp HarmonicaHohner 565 Cross Harp Harmonica - Cdn$72.95
Seydel MOUNTAIN HARP 96 Diatonic Tremolo HarmonicaSeydel MOUNTAIN HARP 96 Diatonic Tremolo Harmonica - Cdn$93.55
Large ( 96 Holes ) 
C/G Unit
Discontinued  / Sold Out 
Seydel SAILOR 48 Diatonic Tremolo HarmonicaSeydel SAILOR 48 Diatonic Tremolo Harmonica - Cdn$98.00
Large ( 48  Holes )
Key of C only
Hohner 2409 Single Sided Echo 40 Harp HarmonicaHohner 2409 Single Sided Echo 40 Harp Harmonica - Cdn$105.95
Key of C

Seydel Chromatic STANDARD HarmonicaSeydel Chromatic STANDARD Harmonica - Cdn$106.40
Solo Tuning
Key of C only
Hohner 1493 Echo 32 Octave Tuned HarmonicaHohner 1493 Echo 32 Octave Tuned Harmonica - Cdn$109.95
Their warm and smooth sound gives these instruments an unique character and charm.
Hohner 580 Meisterklasse Diatonic HarmonicaHohner 580 Meisterklasse Diatonic Harmonica - Cdn$109.95

The Meisterklasse is the only Hohner diatonic harmonica made with a lightweight metal comb.

Hohner Auto Valve Octave Tuned Harmonica 105Hohner Auto Valve Octave Tuned Harmonica 105 - Cdn$110.95
Seydel Blues FAVORITE Standard HarmonicaSeydel Blues FAVORITE Standard Harmonica - Cdn$112.00
Standard Richter Tuning
Hohner Comet 32 Octave Harmonica 2503CHohner Comet 32 Octave Harmonica 2503C - Cdn$123.95

Smallest harmonica of the Comet line with a warm sound and a sturdy construction.

Seydel 1847 Blues CLASSIC HarmonicaSeydel 1847 Blues CLASSIC Harmonica - Cdn$126.00
Standard Richter Tuning
Seydel 1847 Blues SILVER HarmonicaSeydel 1847 Blues SILVER Harmonica - Cdn$126.00
Standard Richter Tuning
Hohner 250C "Chrometta  8" HarmonicaHohner 250C "Chrometta 8" Harmonica - Cdn$129.95

Hohner Golden Melody 40 Tremolo HarmonicaHohner Golden Melody 40 Tremolo Harmonica - Cdn$137.95

Exclusive tremolo model with very easy response and a robust, sturdy construction.
Key of C 

Hohner Comet 40 Octave Harmonica 2504Hohner Comet 40 Octave Harmonica 2504 - Cdn$139.95

 Key of C only


Seydel 1847 Blues NOBLE Diatonic HarmonicaSeydel 1847 Blues NOBLE Diatonic Harmonica - Cdn$154.00
Standard Richter Tuning
Hohner 253C "Chrometta 10" HarmonicaHohner 253C "Chrometta 10" Harmonica - Cdn$159.95

The four instruments of the Chrometta series combine best cost value ratio with a robust design.

Hohner 260 Chromonica HarmonicaHohner 260 Chromonica Harmonica - Cdn$159.95

  Key of G only

Hohner 255 "Chrometta 12" HarmonicaHohner 255 "Chrometta 12" Harmonica - Cdn$172.95

Hohner 257C "Chrometta 14" HarmonicaHohner 257C "Chrometta 14" Harmonica - Cdn$199.99

Seydel DE LUXE Chromatic  HarmonicaSeydel DE LUXE Chromatic Harmonica - Cdn$245.00
Solo Tuning
Suzuki Fabulous Equal Temperament HarmonicaSuzuki Fabulous Equal Temperament Harmonica - Cdn$279.95

Suzuki Fabulous Just Temperament HarmonicaSuzuki Fabulous Just Temperament Harmonica - Cdn$279.95

The Name Says it All.....

Hohner 7534C "Larry Adler" Chromatic HarmonicaHohner 7534C "Larry Adler" Chromatic Harmonica - Cdn$299.95

Classical chromonica series, played - amongst others - by Larry Adler, one of the greatest harmonica virtuosos of all time.

Hohner 270 "Super Chromonica Deluxe" Harmonica 7540CHohner 270 "Super Chromonica Deluxe" Harmonica 7540C - Cdn$309.95
Hohner "Super 64 Chromonica" Harmonica 7582CHohner "Super 64 Chromonica" Harmonica 7582C - Cdn$399.95

A top quality chromatic for professional use.

Hohner Super 64X Chromonica Harmonica 7584CHohner Super 64X Chromonica Harmonica 7584C - Cdn$649.95

Handmade using the finest materials. 

List Price: Cdn$19.95
Price: Cdn$17.95
14.36 USD 12.21 EUR
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